ASTRID HASZPRUNAROVA is a Spiritual Artist, Tarot Reader and Translator, now based in the heart of Europe, who started her spiritual journey many years ago in London. As a Tarot Reader and Occult Consultant, she cooperated with many reputable institutions over the years, such as Tower of London, Barts Pathology Museum, Park Plaza Hotel Westminster, and Sternberg Clarke.

She hosted her own radio show, called “The Spiritual Alchemy Show,” which aired on Para X Radio for almost 3 years and was blessed with many amazing guests the entire time that she hosted it. She is also the creator of the Sigil Magic Online Course and had her own magical card set published by Daemonic Dreams. She is one of the founding member of “Czech Hermetics”.

MATTHEW BLANKENBURG is a Hermetic magician who practices the works of Franz Bardon and Pierre de Lasenic along with the Armanen Runes and also created a video walkthrough for Franz Bardon’s system,

Next to this, he translated many important works from Czech into English for “Czech Hermetics”, together with Astrid.


Here is a list of works translated and proposed by CZECH HERMETICS:

-‘The Book of Works” by Pierre de Lasenic
– “Sexual Mysteries” by Pierre de Lasenic
– Research featured in “Rune Might” by Edred Thorsson
– ‘The Alchemical Tarot of Theofanus Abba”

The latest book, published by Czech Hermetics, is “Hermetic Initiation Into Martinism – A breviary of the Royal Art” by Pierre de Lasenic

Many more important and scholarly articles that can all be found at