That I talk to you about these books is, in fact, an exception in more than one way. Firstly, it is not one book, but two! Secondly, those two books are written in German. And third, they have been written by a personal friend of mine, and therefore I might have to warn you that I am probably not entirely objective. I am talking about two new books by the great Esotericist and Occultist Emil Stejnar. For those of you who are aware and maybe also working with the books of Franz Bardon, Emil might not be a stranger, as he has worked a lot in the follow-up of the tradition of this important Czech magician. Emil Stejnar, who will turn 80 next year, has already published 10 books over the last ten years, in a series called “Magic and Mysticism in the 3rd millennium”. Starting with a fascinating initiatic novel, treating with many different aspects of mostly hermetic work, they are well known not only among Bardonists but also among many other Hermeticists mastering the German language. Some of my listeners and Facebook friends know that I am in regular touch with this author and I have regularly been asked if and when his work might be available also in English.
Now, the reason why I am talking about this series of books is threefold. First and foremost, it is because, after quite a long break, Emil Stejnar has released two new volumes to his series, bringing the total count now to twelve volumes. Volume 11 is a novel called “An der Pforte zur letzten Latern”, roughly translated into “At the gate to the last lantern”. Of course, this is not just a novel, but an initiatic book again, where hermetic teachings meet with problems of our time. We are confronted with a world, where dream and reality mingle. Stejnar also often uses entire phrases by another great author of fantastic occultism, Gustav Meyrink, whose work he is very much aware of. “Awakening” is the major subject of this novel, and for those of you reading German, in my opinion, a must-read!
The second new volume is a collection of short stories and essays which goes by the title “Träumen kann gefährlich sein” – Dreaming might be dangerous. As the title suggests, those stories are a lot about Lucid Dreaming and are also accompanied by thoughts and suggestions that the author wants to give to his readers. Both books are perfect additions to the 10 previous volumes, deepening and extending the Hermetic teachings as supported by author Emil Stejnar.
The second reason why I present those books is that Emil Stejnar has now decided also to reissue all his ten previous books and has for that reason created his own publishing company, which over the coming years will also make the former books available in a handy softcover edition at a nice price – and, as I think, in a very cool and modern looking outfit. The first book that has already been reprinted is “Exerzitien für Freimaurer” – Exercises for Freemasons, which has not been available for a year or so, being out of print. This is an excellent book for those Freemasons that are looking for a more esoteric approach of their craft, but not exclusively for them.
The third and last reason for this review-announcement is the best part of all. Emil has now decided that his book should also be made available in English and also French, and he is now working to get that project going. If all goes well, the first of his books, this will probably also be the Exercises for Freemasons, will appear on the market in time for Emil’s 80th birthday, very early in 2019. In French, it will probably be his book on Guardian Angels that will go first. You can be assured that in our news section both releases will be made known to all of you.

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