Somehow this book is a perfect fit for those of you who have enjoyed the talk and the read of Tracey Rollin’s book on Santa Muerte in this episode. Who is the Dark Goddess, you might ask? Well, as Stephanie explains it in her book, she is the goddess of the underworld, the goddess of death, she rules over all that we fear. In this book, the author takes us on a journey through the different traditions of that female deity which so often represents that part of our life which is called death – but not only death. You will find descriptions of Greek, Hindu, Northern, Celtic and Roman representations of this goddess. And Stephanie does not limit herself to a historic description of the different traditions, but she also gives us instruction and guidance on how to use those powers for oneself. In fact, the way this book is structured, we are guided through – as the subtitle suggests – a journey through the Heart of Transformation. The essence of the book strongly suggests that by confronting the different aspects of this dark goddess, this somber entity, we can navigate through a process of deep and rewarding change.
The book is a guide through your own shadow work. In your life, you will probably all meet those situations, not only of death but for example of treason, of dependence on material things etc., where you will need to go through the dark moments and know how to deal with them and address them.
This book is by no means a book for women only! It takes the female aspect as the necessary approach to those questions, but its rituals, invocations, and offerings can be done and be helpful for everyone.