Insights from Romania

Occult-Study is at the moment a website with a nice look, some good documented material of over 100 articles on Occultism, some quizzes to test your occult knowledge, some polls, a list of links, a list of suggested books and that’s about it… FOR NOW! Because the founder F.v.F., based in Romania, has great plans!

So what it wants to become is at a different level: a free encyclopedia, but not  like Wikipedia, where anyone can write. It is meant to be THE source for occult study material, meaning that everything that is going to appear on this website should be written by real adepts and scholars, by some of the best authorities in their specific areas and subjects. It is the founder’s dream that the elite of occult writers and adepts are going to unite in this project to make it the best online documentation source. This is what should distinguish Occult-Study from most of the websites: gathering the elite from all areas, even opposing camps like Esoteric Christianity and traditional Satanism.

You might wonder if this is possible. F.v.F strongly believes in this project. He already made it possible 7 years ago, on a smaller scale, in his native language: Ocult-Ro (yes, one “c” only in Romanian language). For those able to read Romanian go and have a look for yourself ( And it was founded by an orthodox Christian practicing solomonic magic and a traditional Satanist…

F.v.F. describes himself as a person open to cooperation and creation, not to hating and destroying. He has no problem with people of any religious belief, ethnicity and sexual orientation, as long they are good and intelligent persons. He does admit however, that he is put off by stupidity, because stupid actions create damage, hate and destruction instead of love and creating.

Occult-Study wants to be a space of study for everyone wanting to learn about western esotericism and occultism. The beginning is very promising, and I think you should go there and have a look, and – even better – help F.v.F. in building his venture to become what it is meant to become. He does not only ask for donating, but for high-quality content. He is planning many other things for the website, like online video conferences and study courses, but at the moment there are the first steps,.

Occult-Study is the beginning of something different, something meant to be big. It is created with passion and love, this is very clear. Pay a visit at, there you can find more information about the website, its history and goals. It is definitely worth it!