We are very happy to present to you for the third time our featured artist on Thoth-Hermes. Please go to the Art Page and discover the works of Madeline von Foerster. Her name sounds German, but she was born in San Francisco, and now lives with her husband in Germany.

She uses a five-hundred year old technique of mixing colors, oil and egg tempera, created by the Flemish Renaissance masters. Her paintings might be linked stylistically to the past, but they point clearly into the present and the future through their themes. And then she is also using hermetic and occult themes for her art, and it is a collection of those paintings that we present on the Art page of the Thoth-Hermes website. There you will also find links to her other paintings, her website and also to a feature that was presented on the important French-German TV channel ARTE. Go and have a look, this is really worth discovering.