I wanted to attract your attention to the Quareia Magician’s Card Deck. This extraordinary card deck, made up of 81 cards is a collaboration between Josephine McCarthy and artists Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland. The number of 81 is a mystical number that relates to completion and the cards are divided in to four realms: the Divine Realm (red borders), the Inner realm (blue borders), the physical world (green borders) and the realm of death and the underworld (black borders). The further away from humanity a being or place is, the less human it becomes. This is reflected in the deck, and can teach a magician a great deal about how beings function and why.

I was lucky enough to be able to buy a copy of the first edition, and I loved both the way they look and also to work with them. But this first edition was soon sold out. The day after tomorrow, a crowd-funding / pre-order for the second edition will start. So, if you are into magical card decks, something also different from the classical Tarot, and have not yet got this one, this is the occasion. Go to the Quareia website www.quareia.com and look what you need to do to be sure to get a copy this time round!