I would like to draw your attention to a new publisher, created only one year ago, Falcon Books Publishing, founded by Tanya Robinson and Martin Faulks. Both, but probably especially Martin, are no strangers to those of you who have been particularly interested in Hermetic philosophy and meditation.

“Falcon Books Publishing was founded with the knowledge that the world is in dire need of more genuine adepts. Our purpose is to facilitate the rise of future adepts by providing them with resources that will help them solve the problems and overcome the challenges they face during their training.” – this is part of their mission statement.

Martin and also Falcon Books Publishing is concentrating their efforts mostly on those fields and on health. Martin Faulks has extensive experience in the publishing field, Tanya Robinson has a degree from Westminster University London in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a Hermetic practitioner and runs the Facebook group “Students of Franz Bardon”. Bardon and those authors who have continued his work are also one of the main interests of the publishers. “Falcon Books is dedicated to the unveiling of knowledge, bringing forth wisdom, from the past into the present, for the future, to benefit mankind.”, says Tanya, and Martin adds: “Hermetics is like a sun lamp on the natural process of development and growing up, a set of lessons in the art of being a human.”

Their published authors include Virgil, Ray del Sole, William Mistele and Martin Faulks himself. Next to their program you should also go and discover their website, which is much more than a publisher’s website, but they present interviews with interesting personalities from the field, a blog, texts and advice on meditation etc. and all of this is worth discovering.