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Dark Goddess Craft – Stephanie Woodfield

Somehow this book is a perfect fit for those of you who have enjoyed the talk and the read of Tracey Rollin’s book on Santa Muerte in this episode. Who is the Dark Goddess, you might ask? Well, as Stephanie explains it in her book, she is the goddess of the underworld, the goddess of death, she rules over all that we fear. In this book, the author takes us on a journey through the different traditions of that female deity which so often represents that part of our life which is called death – but not only death. You will find descriptions of Greek, Hindu, Northern, Celtic and Roman representations of this goddess. And Stephanie does not limit herself to a historic description of the different traditions, but she also gives us instruction and guidance on how to use those powers for oneself. In fact, the way this book is structured, we are guided through – as the subtitle suggests – a journey through the Heart of Transformation. The essence of the book strongly suggests that by confronting the different aspects of this dark goddess, this somber entity, we can navigate through a process of deep and rewarding change.
The book is a guide through your own shadow work. In your life, you will probably all meet those situations, not only of death but for example of treason, of dependence on material things etc., where you will need to go through the dark moments and know how to deal with them and address them.
This book is by no means a book for women only! It takes the female aspect as the necessary approach to those questions, but its rituals, invocations, and offerings can be done and be helpful for everyone.

New books and new edition by Emil Stejnar

That I talk to you about these books is, in fact, an exception in more than one way. Firstly, it is not one book, but two! Secondly, those two books are written in German. And third, they have been written by a personal friend of mine, and therefore I might have to warn you that I am probably not entirely objective. I am talking about two new books by the great Esotericist and Occultist Emil Stejnar. For those of you who are aware and maybe also working with the books of Franz Bardon, Emil might not be a stranger, as he has worked a lot in the follow-up of the tradition of this important Czech magician. Emil Stejnar, who will turn 80 next year, has already published 10 books over the last ten years, in a series called “Magic and Mysticism in the 3rd millennium”. Starting with a fascinating initiatic novel, treating with many different aspects of mostly hermetic work, they are well known not only among Bardonists but also among many other Hermeticists mastering the German language. Some of my listeners and Facebook friends know that I am in regular touch with this author and I have regularly been asked if and when his work might be available also in English.
Now, the reason why I am talking about this series of books is threefold. First and foremost, it is because, after quite a long break, Emil Stejnar has released two new volumes to his series, bringing the total count now to twelve volumes. Volume 11 is a novel called “An der Pforte zur letzten Latern”, roughly translated into “At the gate to the last lantern”. Of course, this is not just a novel, but an initiatic book again, where hermetic teachings meet with problems of our time. We are confronted with a world, where dream and reality mingle. Stejnar also often uses entire phrases by another great author of fantastic occultism, Gustav Meyrink, whose work he is very much aware of. “Awakening” is the major subject of this novel, and for those of you reading German, in my opinion, a must-read!
The second new volume is a collection of short stories and essays which goes by the title “Träumen kann gefährlich sein” – Dreaming might be dangerous. As the title suggests, those stories are a lot about Lucid Dreaming and are also accompanied by thoughts and suggestions that the author wants to give to his readers. Both books are perfect additions to the 10 previous volumes, deepening and extending the Hermetic teachings as supported by author Emil Stejnar.
The second reason why I present those books is that Emil Stejnar has now decided also to reissue all his ten previous books and has for that reason created his own publishing company, which over the coming years will also make the former books available in a handy softcover edition at a nice price – and, as I think, in a very cool and modern looking outfit. The first book that has already been reprinted is “Exerzitien für Freimaurer” – Exercises for Freemasons, which has not been available for a year or so, being out of print. This is an excellent book for those Freemasons that are looking for a more esoteric approach of their craft, but not exclusively for them.
The third and last reason for this review-announcement is the best part of all. Emil has now decided that his book should also be made available in English and also French, and he is now working to get that project going. If all goes well, the first of his books, this will probably also be the Exercises for Freemasons, will appear on the market in time for Emil’s 80th birthday, very early in 2019. In French, it will probably be his book on Guardian Angels that will go first. You can be assured that in our news section both releases will be made known to all of you.

Find Emil Stejnar’s books here

The website for his new edition can be found here

Heart Vision by Michael Orlando Yacccarino

The full title of this book is “Heart Vision – Tarot’s inner path” and it has been written by Michael Orlando Yaccarino. It was published by mandrake. "Another Tarot book?" - You might say, and yes, of course, it is another book on the Tarot and as a base,...

Dr Johannes Faust – Mightiest Sea-Spirit

update - update - update : August 2,2018 I am very happy to announce that the Enodia press website is up and running again. Nicholas has contacted me, the server had just by coincidence been down when I was preparing and launching the...

Alchemically Stoned by P.D. Newman

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special book: “Alchemically stoned” – The Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry. Its author is P.D. Newman, who is himself a Master Mason and a 32° Mason from North Mississippi. Now, you have probably heard rumors...

Two Books by Gwendolyn Womack

Today I would like to present to you two books by the same author, Gwendolyn Womack. Gwendolyn is American, born in Texas and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her life has brought her places, among others she also lived in Japan for some time. The two...

Liz Worth – Going beyond the Little White Book

Going beyond the Little White Book is the title of a book by Liz Worth, published through Lulu a little less than a year ago. The subtitle tells you more clearly what Liz wants to tell us: A contemporary Guide to Tarot. The little white book that is mentioned in the...

Virgil – The Spirit of Magic

“The Spirit of Magic” was published in May 2017 by Falcon Books Publishing. Its author goes by the pseudonym of Virgil, and as a subtitle he gives us “Rediscovering the Heart of our Sacred Art”. Virgil, who seems to live in America, has come across occultism quite...

Ray del Sole – The Path of the Mystic

This book by Falcon Books Publishing was issued in 2016 and is called "The Path of the Mystic", authored by Ray del Sole, also a writer using a pseudonym. He lives in Germany, near Frankfurt, works as a Naturopath for Psychotherapy and as a Spiritual healer and is an...

The Book of Gates – A Magical Translation

When I get a new book written by Josephine McCarthy in my hands, I must admit that I am a bit positively biased. I have enjoyed everything that she published so far. And when I opened the Book of Gates for the first time I knew that this would just be another addition...

Craig Weightman – A Journey in Stone

This smallish book with its 200 pages by British Author Craig Weightman, and published by Lewis Masonic, is another book that wants to help the reader in his or her path of personal development by using many of the symbols that Masonry suggests, but it is aimed more...

Alan Richardson – The Lightbearer

The Lightbearer is set in 1944, during the Allied invasion of Normandy, its protagonist is Michael Horsett, member of the 101st airborne division. He is parachuted into France then occupied by the Nazis before D-Day in order to illuminate the dropping zone. What so...