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Star Wars and Freemasonry

I have been following the Southern California Research Lodge’s work for some time. It is a Masonic body whose mission is “to restore Masonic education and observant practices as a way to expand knowledge of Masonry’s history, traditions, symbolism, spiritual and moral teachings and best practices through producing and disseminating written, oral and ritual presentations.” They also publish a monthly magazine, called Fraternal Review, in which I have often found very interesting and eye-opening articles. A few days ago they issued the December volume, and it is called “The Force and the Light”.

Let me give you an excerpt from the introductory text to it:

“May the Force be with you” is familiar to anyone who has seen a Star Wars movie. It is a sentiment expressed when friends depart. It encourages someone in impending danger. Obi-Wan Kenobi explained the Force to Luke in the first Star Wars movie released:

The Force is what gives the Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.

Quantum Physics is based on the theory that everything is energy; matter is simply energy interacting in a fashion that makes it appear to us humans as something solid. Quantum Physics also provides evidence that energy on a quantum level observes certain rules. If energy is disturbed, it will return to harmony with those rules.

Pythagoras made a similar observation on a cosmic level twenty-five hundred years ago. He described it as the Music or Harmony of the Spheres: no matter how violent nature becomes, it will always return to harmony, perhaps not the old harmony but something in equilibrium. Hellenistic Jews and early Christians described this as the Logos, translated as “the Word” in the opening of John’s Gospel: that harmonizing force which the Creator sends to the Creation to bring it back into harmony. (…)

Geometry measures harmony and therefore becomes not only the symbol of that harmony but the symbol of the source of that harmony, which we Masons describe as the Supreme Being.

What do we do with this wisdom about harmony and the Force? Again, Obi-Wan Kenobi shows the way, in exhorting Luke when his father, Darth Vader, attacks: “Use the Force, Luke; let go Luke. … Luke, trust me.”

Let go. Trust. Harmony will prevail if we let it.

Fascinating, I think. Even if it was clear to me that Masonry and Star Wars as well as Star Trek share many common ideas, it was never so clearly observed and also commented like in this issue of “Fraternal Review”. So I really think Masons and Star War fans alike should get a copy. It is really a great read and gives you a lot to think about. You can subscribe do online or print versions of the review on

Saint Louis International LHP Consortium 2018 – FollowUp

Back in June this year I presented a short interview with Laurie Pneumatikos to you about her work and especially about the Saint Louis International Left Hand Path Consortium 2018, which is going to take place from Friday July 13, 2018 onwards. I promised to Laurie that I would keep you, dear listeners, updated on how this is coming along and as it looks now, the conference is very promising. Among the confirmed speakers and performers we find Craig Williams, Dave Smith, Bill Duvendack, Humberto Maggi, Thomas Karlsson – to name just a few. There is now a brand new website which gives you all the necessary information, on (spell). Also, some funding is still needed, so if you want to subscribe or donate, you will find not only the link to that website, but also to a funding page. Looks very interesting, so if you have a chance to be around St. Louis in mid-July next year, and you want to know more or are already an adherent of the Left Hand Path, don’t miss that one.

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The Gates of Saturn as paperback

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