In mid-October 2019, the lovely city of Montreal will be host to this year’s edition of one of the most interesting annual international esoteric conferences.

Thoth-Hermes is proud to be a Media Partner of this exciting event. As a kind of teaser and sound announcement for the conference, we have produced this Special Episode for you. 

In it you can hear short interviews with some of those important voices from the World of the Occult who will be part of the very high-level roster of speakers of this year’s conference.

Enjoy this special treat, but if you have time, do pay a visit to the Musée Grevin at the Eaton Centre in downtown Montreal from October 11 to 13.


Helene M. Arts

Gary Lachman

Rosemary Stehlik

Jason Miller

Shani Oates

Richard Kaczynski

Go to the conference website to see all details


The music played in this episode is by DARK1 from Ottawa, Canada

DARK1 creates a large array of songs with eerie synths, heavy bass and a Marilyn Manson-esque vocal style. He fuses influences of Metal, Industrial and Trap to create a unique listening experience for his unique audience.

1) Hellfire

2) O.D.D.

3) Are you sure you want to?

4) Permanently erase this item

Find DARK1’s music on:


Intro and Outro Music
especially written and recorded for the Thoth-Hermes Podcast by Chris Roberts