As you might have heard in the Season 2. Episode #4 of the podcast, this News section as well as its counterpart in the podcast is going to change a bit. The podcast will only contain the most important pieces of news, and also content that is sustainable in the long term.

On the other hand, this News page is going to be more of a News Blog, with regular new content whenever an interesting piece of news from the occult and the esoteric world appears, and not only on days when a new podcast episode will be issued. This way we can keep our news section more lively, up to date and interesting.

But in order to do see we also ask our listeners to participate. Do send me your news, and do comment on the blog. The more people will contribute, the more interesting this page is going to be!

So keep an eye on this page. it will turn into a blog at some point during this month (August 2018)!