This is the first time that I am asking you for support
for the Thoth-Hermes podcast.

I have created a Patreon page and a Donation button and hope that many of you will help me in bearing the future costs for the podcast.

One one hand there are the running costs like the service provider, website utilities, podcast providers, etc. I want this podcast to have good technical quality and speedy downloads, and at the same time need to protect it from hacking, etc., and all of this has its price.

On the other hand, I am also starting to expand our podcast with upcoming round-table discussions, live broadcasts, and YouTube video versions. All of these are options that many of you have wished for in our recent survey. That means some technical investments that I also need to do. So your support would really be appreciated.

Become a Patron

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On our Patreon page, you will find four tiers of support:
(please note that “per episode” only concerns regular and Ex Libris episodes, so usually an episode every other week. Special episodes or announcements are of course not charged on Patreon)

SUPPORTER – 2$ per episode:
help us to cover the costs of producing and developing our podcast

APPRENTICE – 5$ per episode:
you will receive the name of the interview guest a week ahead of others, ask your personal questions and receive the answer in a special Q&A section of the podcast, that only Apprentices can access

INITIATE – 10$ per episode:
Make yourself visible as an individual with a mention on the homepage (with or without logo)

ADEPT – 20$ per episode:
As an Adept, your support and name will  be mentioned in the Credits on all upcoming episodes during which your support is active

Of course, if you only want to do a ONE-OFF DONATION, we are also very grateful for it. In that case, please use this link.