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The Hardcover books of the Quareia School of Magic

Many of you have probably already come across the name of Quareia. I am sure I mentioned it some time here on this show, and some of you have probably also heard the interview with Josephine McCarthy and Michael Sheppard about it on the great Occult of Personality podcast, where I have to honour to be the co-host of my friend Greg Kaminsky (you should also take note of the second part of that interview in the Members section, now called Chamber of Reflection).

Quareia is a project led by British magician and occultist Josephine McCarthy, it calls itself a new school of magic for the 21st century. In 240  lessons that you can download for free from their website, spread over three sections: Apprentice, Initiate and Adept, it proposes an indepth magical course that will take you years to work through if you take it seriously. And you should take it seriously. I will talk more about Quareia in a future episode of the podcast.

But now they have also made the course available for those, who prefer a book rather than a computer screen or a print out on single sheets. In fact it is three books, one for each section, with over 700 pages for the first two and over 900 for the third. And it is worth every cent, so much I can say. This news item is a kind of intermediate thing between news and a review, because I would like to read to you what a Facebook friend of mine, Christoph de Graffenreid wrote today on Facebook. Christoph knows what he is talking about, he has 30+ years of magical practice):

Just got my copy of the huge volume that is the Quareia Apprentice training manual. Though this hard cover edition contains all the apprentice level training that is available for free from the Quareia website, the hard cover format offers a different and, in my opinion, a superior reading experience.

It’s a hardcover book so I consider all contrary arguments to be invalid.

This book is the first of three giant volumes penned by Josephine McCarthy  that include Apprentice, Initiate and Adept levels of training. Relying heavily, as the training does, on visionary magick (experiencing real-time gnosis via one’s work in astral/imaginal space) the education presented in these volumes may strike many traditionally trained magicians, witches, sorcerers, etc. as being somewhat different that what is normally presented, especially at beginning levels.

It’s not the familiar basics aren’t covered, they are. It’s what is added in terms of perspectives and practices that reflect a magickal mindset or paradigm that is far more trusting of the integrity of one’s inner own experience than other magickal educations might be. Of course there are rituals, but there is significantly more than that going on in these volumes.

This is book magick insofar as one is self-educating in these practices via books, but the magick taught within these pages is presented in a manner that is designed to aid the occultist in seeing in such a way that one is able to jailbreak (to use a Gordon Whiteism when used in a magickal context) and work within other systems as one so chooses.

Thus, one may be a witch, shamanic practitioner, a Pagan priest(ess), magician, or sorcerer and still benefit from this excellent, thoroughly detailed, comprehensive, and well-written volumes of magickal education. Naturally, if one is coming from a very particular paradigm, one may find one’s assumptions challenged but I find that to be a good thing overall. However, to be honest, I have had more “aha!” moments, more moments of “Yep, I’ve been thinking this for the last two decades!”, than I have with any magickal training to date.

Thanks Christoph, you said it all!

The “Apprentice” volume and the two sequels can be found here

The direct link to the interview on Occult of Personality is here

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