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Episode 10 – Oberon Zell

Aug 31, 2017

I would like you to meet one of the most important figures of the Neopagan community! In 1962, Oberon Zell formed the Church of All Worlds and became a pioneer of the movement. Wizard and early advocate of Deep Ecology, Oberon is also the founder and editor of the Green Egg magazine, and Headmaster of the Grey School of Wizardry, an online school specializing in the teaching of a wide range of esoteric magic.
Also find a short interview with Damh the Bard, news and reviews


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Intro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Think of the Day
Outro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Night Sea Journey

Episode #11 is going to be released on September 14, and will bring an interview with renowned American Hermeticist and Occultist Carroll Poke Runyon, also know ans Frater Thabion.

Episode #12 – September 28 – featuring Dolores Ashcroft-Novicky

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Episode 11 – Carroll Poke Runyon

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Carroll Poke Runyon describes himself as a Gentleman of the Old School which he defines as: One who recites classical poetry to heartless beauties while wrestling alligators. He has lived out his Neo-Romantic...

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Episode 10 – Oberon Zell

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Oberon Zell describes himself as a wizard, and this to him means that he is a kind of mentor, teacher, professor. He tells us in this extensive interview about his early childhood, when he thought that everyone had...

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Episode 9 – Colin Stanley on Colin Wilson

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Colin Stanley is a British author and publisher and has work for many years a librarian at Nottingham University. In the 1970's he got in touch with renowned author Colin Wilson and became his bibliographer. Colin...

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Episode 8 – Greg Kaminsky

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Greg Kaminsky Most of those who are regular users of the Internet and interested in serious articles and interviews about Esoteric Tradition and Occultism know and appreciate the renowned Occult of...

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Episode 7 – Benebell Wen

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Benebell Wen calls herself an independent metaphysician. It is a term she has created herself, wanting to tell us that she is in her esoteric work not linked to any particular school or lineage, but...

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Episode 6 – Paul Joseph Rovelli

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Paul Joseph Rovelli has been a student of the Western Mystery Tradition his whole life.  A journey from his youth led him to meetings with interesting people that helped him cobble together that which...

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Episode 5 – Michael Schiavello

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Michael Schiavello was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1975. He is a best-selling author, award-winning feature writer and an international television sports broadcaster. Known as ‘The Voice’ he has commentated sports events...

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Episode 4 – Thomas Karlsson

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Thomas Karlsson, Ph. D. is the founder of the esoteric order Dragon Rouge and Head of Ordo Draconias. Dr. Karlsson is author of several articles and books published in more than ten languages. His most famous works are Uthark:...

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Episode 3 – William Mistele

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! William Mistele, who now lives in Hawaii, is one of North America's great esotericists. He calls himself a spiritual anthropologist and a "professional contemplator". In everything he has to say about the different traditions...

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Episode 2 – PT Mistlberger

Prefer listening on Spreaker? Click here! Vancouver-based Canadian author, born and raised in Montreal, esotericist and transpersonal psychologist PT Mistlberger is Rudolf's guest on this new episode. Phil first introduces the listeners to his esoteric background,...

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