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LXXXI – Quareia Magical Card Deck

I wanted to attract your attention to the Quareia Magician’s Card Deck. This extraordinary card deck, made up of 81 cards is a collaboration between Josephine McCarthy and artists Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland. The number of 81 is a mystical number that relates to completion and the cards are divided in to four realms: the Divine Realm (red borders), the Inner realm (blue borders), the physical world (green borders) and the realm of death and the underworld (black borders). The further away from humanity a being or place is, the less human it becomes. This is reflected in the deck, and can teach a magician a great deal about how beings function and why.

I was lucky enough to be able to buy a copy of the first edition, and I loved both the way they look and also to work with them. But this first edition was soon sold out. The day after tomorrow, a crowd-funding / pre-order for the second edition will start. So, if you are into magical card decks, something also different from the classical Tarot, and have not yet got this one, this is the occasion. Go to the Quareia website and look what you need to do to be sure to get a copy this time round! – a new website

Towards the end of the interview which we presented in Episode 12 with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, you heard that she was talking about a new website where her work and experience over the last 50 years will be available for students who don’t have the opportunity to attend her classes in person but who would also like to hear and see her speak directly.

This website will only be available from January 2018 onwards, but the welcome page, where you can also inscribe yourself to be informed once the project is fully online, is already there and you can go there and visit it. Its web address is

Second Colin Wilson Conference 2018

I have in the meantime received an update on the contact if you want to know more, get the exact and regularly updated program or would like to do a booking, go to Will be a really interesting event.

The regular listeners among you will probably remember the interview I did with Colin Stanley on the late Colin Wilson. We then mentioned also that he had organized a conference on Colin Wilson, his work, and his legacy and that the second issue of that conference was in planning. Now details about the Second International Colin Wilson Conference have been published, and I think it sounds exciting.

The conference will take place on Friday, July 6, 2018, at King’s Meadow Campus of the University of Nottingham in England. Eight papers on aspects of Colin Wilson’s work are going to be presented, and they are by Nicolas Tredell, Gary Lachman – who also participated in the Colin Wilson episode here, David Moore, George C. Poulos, Jason Reza Jorjani, Vaughan Rapatahana, Brendan McNamee and Jonathan Lewsey. And as a very special treat, there will be a further event on Saturday 7th July featuring a showing of the operetta ‘The Man With a Thousand Faces’ by Donald Swann and Colin Wilson. This is a real rarity, I can tell you, and the whole event will be a must for Colin Wilson fans.

I know Thoth-Hermes has quite a big audience in the United Kingdom and also by the numbers of downloads of the episode on Colin Wilson I would imagine that there might be quite a good number of people listening here who could be interested and might turn up.

Places strictly limited so book now by contacting Colin Stanley, e-mail:

Raymond Buckland (August 31, 1934 – September 27, 2017)

For the first time in our podcast, I have unfortunately to do an obituary here in the news section. Many of you have probably heard of the passing of one of the great figures of the Pagan and Wicca movement, Raymond Buckland. This is an important loss for...

The Hardcover books of the Quareia School of Magic

Many of you have probably already come across the name of Quareia. I am sure I mentioned it some time here on this show, and some of you have probably also heard the interview with Josephine McCarthy and Michael Sheppard about it on the great Occult of...

Madeline von Foerster – Featured Artist

We are very happy to present to you for the third time our featured artist on Thoth-Hermes. Please go to the Art Page and discover the works of Madeline von Foerster. Her name sounds German, but she was born in San Francisco, and now lives with her husband...

Falcon Book Publishing – a new and unique approach

I would like to draw your attention to a new publisher, created only one year ago, Falcon Books Publishing, founded by Tanya Robinson and Martin Faulks. Both, but probably especially Martin, are no strangers to those of you who have been particularly...

Peter-Robert Koenig’s website about the O.T.O. phenomenon

This website is not really news, but for those of you who are interested in Thelema and the O.T.O. and have not yet discovered it, it is a real MUST! Under the title "The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon - A Research Project" Swiss author Peter-Robert Koenig brings us...

The Gates of Saturn as paperback

Remember my review of Peter Mark Adam's great book about the Sola-Busca tarocchi from Episode 3? Well, due to the huge success of this book the publisher, Scarlet Imprint, have decided to do something which does not happen so often there: They have now issued a...

Thoth-Hermes on Spiral Nature’s list of best occult podcasts

It was a few minutes after midnight on a Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago, I was just about to go to sleep, when I received an email for the Chief Editor of the well-known Canadian Webzine Spiral Nature, Nico Mara-McKay, announcing that they were about to publish...

Thomas Karlsson: soon to return on Thoth-Hermes and new book

Our episode #4, when famous occultist and author, creator of "Dragon Rouge"  Thomas Karlsson was our guest, has created tremendous interest. And I am very happy to say that Thomas will return to Thoth-Hermes Podcast later this year, probably in October to cover many...

Updated version of Angel Millar’s “The Compass and the Crescent”

Angel Millar, who has designed the beautiful logo and backgrounds for the website of Thoth-Hermes podcast, is of course also very well known as an author: his book “The Crescent and the Compass – Islam, Freemasonry, Esotericism and Revolution in the Modern Age” which...

Saint Louis International LHP Consortium 2018

As in previous years, 2018 will also see a new edition of the International Left Hand Path Consortium. The host city for the reunion, which will start on Friday July 13th, 2018, and last till Sunday 15th, will be St. Louis. One of the main figures of the LHP...