Hi, I am Rudolf, and I am the producer and host of Thoth-Hermes Podcast and website. Thank you for coming here, I hope you enjoy your stay and listening to the podcast.

I have been interested in the world of occultism and esotericism for almost three decades. A Freemason for 24 years, also member of the Scottish Rite, my first interest in esoteric sciences came about when I read books by Rudolf Steiner. Later, after experiences in Shamanism, Theosophy and Ritual Magic, I broadened my knowledge and personal involvement to many fields of the Western Tradition. Today I calls myself a “gnostic hermeticist” with a very strong link to ceremonial magic. Authors Franz Bardon and Emil Stejnar have influenced my search greatly, and I stay open to discover and explore new knowledge and experiences. Fields of special interest are also Sacred Geometry and the implication of sound and music in the occult arts. I am mostly working the Art as a solitaire worker, but maintain links to several occult groups.

I live in Austria close to its capital Vienna, working in the performing arts world. On Facebook I am also known as Gnothi Seauton. You can also hear me as Greg Kaminsky’s co-host on his wonderful podcast “Occult of Personality”.

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