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Jan 13, 2018 – Update

Hello Friends and Listeners, I know it has been 5 weeks since my last episode and I am so sorry to keep you waiting. I am in the middle of some major professional transformation, which in the end will also benefit my Thoth-Hermes activities but this needs some time and effort for me to accomplish. But I will be back and more active than ever in a couple of weeks and thank you all for your patience and continued support.
THOTH-HERMES will then soon release exciting new episodes, featuring Martin Faulks, Tobias Churton and Stephen E. Flowers to begin with.
Stay tuned, hear you soon!

The current podcast episode

Frater Acher is one of the most interesting personalities of the younger generation in the magical world, especially on the European continent. We are talking about his magical background and many different topics, but also about his recently published book “Cyprian of Antioch”.

The news and reviews sections are back on this episode, don’t miss them!

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Find the current episode here!

Earlier episodes from Season 2 can be accessed here, those from Season 1 here.

Special Season Episode – Samhain 2017

released on October 31, 2017

This special edition presents a collection of contributions from friends and colleagues of our podcast, on and around the seasonal theme of Samhain!

Listen to and enjoy Helene Arts, Wendy Rule, Martin Faulks, Greg Kaminsky, Gabriel McCaughry, Thomas Karlsson, Virgil, Edgar Allan Poe…

New episode every two weeks!

Episode #3 (Season 2) will feature Martin Faulks

In our next show, which will be Episode 3 of this new season, we will present an exclusive interview with British hermeticist, author and meditation specialist Martin Faulks. This interview will be a bit of a special format, Martin is taking us on a journey through meditation with him! I am sure you will enjoy!

A few words about this page


Thoth-Hermes has been a plan I have been cherishing for a while: a website treating different subjects from the world of the Western Esoteric Tradition  … At the centre of the activity there is a podcast, presenting mainly high quality interviews with important authors, thinkers and and experts, but also other aspects of the field.

I am European. Over the centuries Europe has given birth to most of the currents of what we call the Western Tradition. Over the last century or so there has been a shift towards North America, where many of the leading experts are now located. Also what we find on the internet comes often out of North America and the Anglo-Saxon world. Thoth-Hermes will try to give a strong European accent to our field, but is of course at any time open to esotericists from the whole planet.

I am an Artist. This is why I have also a special interest in artists who are working with influences and impressions from the Esoteric realm in their art, be it performing arts, music or visual art. The podcast and the website will therefore regularly feature artists and their work.

Work in Progress

This webpage is quite an ambitious project. It is supposed to become a meeting point for everyone interested in subjects around the Western (and maybe not only Western) Esoteric Tradition.

Therefore we will develop this page slowly, step by step. One after the other subjects and menu points planned for the near and not so near future will be added. I therefore hope that you will consider this site as “Work in Progress”, come back often and see what is new, and how you could contribute.

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